Packaging & Storage

Inspection, Labeling & Packaging Consolidate your supply chain needs by having your packaging integrated with your product manufacturing. These labeling and packaging services are delivered to you in a cost and time savings manner with the highest standards in quality, customer service and reliability.

We offer custom labeling and packaging solutions to support your product’s clinical performance as well as its market success. A range of customizable options are available including variable data printing for packaging and cartons as well as component labeling and special services.

High Speed Automated Cartoning Line:

  • Vial range from 2 mL to 100 mL
  • 120 pieces per minute
  • Line capabilities:
    • Print LOT/EXP/2D barcode on label and apply label to vial
    • Erect vial carton
    • Vial and product insert pushed into carton and flaps closed
    • Inline check scale
    • Print serialized number/LOT/EXP in human readable and data matrix format (2D barcode)
    • Apply tamper evident seal

Serialization & Aggregation Services In line with our custom labeling and packaging solutions, we offer greater safety and efficiency for your supply chain with our track and trace service. With serialization, we assign and apply a unique identify code to your product. Aggregation applies to uniquely identifying each carton, case and pallet containing your product. Together, the services give you the ability to track a product’s current and past location through your distribution channels.

Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliant:

  • Serialized number at the “retail unit of sale” = vial carton + vial + product insert
  • GTIN-14 = Global Trade Item Number – 14 digits
  • ERP (QAD) will generate serialized GTINs and deliver to Open Site Manager (OSM) software suite for packaging line
  • System is capable of receiving client generated GTINs
  • 10 serialization = unit of sale
  • 20 serialization = multipack / aggregation
  • 30 serialization = shipper case
  • Pallet will have SSCC, Serial Shipper Container Code – 18-digit identification number

Storage & Shipping We offer short-term storage needs at our San Diego warehouse. All drug products are stored under ICH storage conditions.

When you are ready to ship your product, the shipping logistics will be managed for you. By utilizing this on-site clinical storage and distribution service, you will minimize any supply chain risk inherent to third party sites and ultimately increase your speed and efficiency to clinical trial.

Available Storage Conditions

  • -80°C ± 10°C
  • -20°C ± 5°C
  • 2°C to 8°C