Drug Substance Manufacturing

Our dedicated team of scientists leverage our global resources to support a range of ADC activities for wild-type stochastic and site-specific conjugation technologies, as well as our next-generation AJICAP site-selective technology.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing and leading conjugation technologies allow us to optimize cost and shorten timelines to market.

Bioconjugation Capabilities

We support a broad range of stochastic and site-specific product needs.

    • Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
    • IgG conjugates with versatile molecules such as peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, and chelators.

AJICAP® Technology

AJICAP® consists of 1) an innovative direct chemical site-selective conjugation method for intact native antibodies and 2) stable and hydrophilic linker technology, offering significant advantages for next generation ADCs.

With AJICAP, site specific ADCs are generated from native antibodies, providing ADCs with higher efficacy and lower toxicity, saving months of time in early development.

  • Therapeutic Window Enhancement
    • ADC with higher efficacy and lower toxicity achieved by site-specific conjugation and stable & hydrophilic linker
  • Straightforward Site-Specific Conjugation Method
    • Direct modification on native antibody by chemical method
    • No genetic engineering and no enzyme required
  • Applicable for Versatile ADCs
    • Site-specific conjugation applicable for any IgG molecules and a variety of payloads
    • Stable & hydrophilic linker compatible with various payloads

Development Aligned with Manufacturing

We provide reliable, robust, tailored, and cost-effective development and cGMP manufacturing services.

  • Material generation for pre-clinical studies
  • Analytical development and technology transfer
  • Conjugation process development (mg to g scale)
  • Client product-dedicated reaction vessels (10 -100 L)
  • Non-GMP and GMP drug substance manufacturing