Microbial Cell Banking

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services operates a self-contained cell banking suite. Our specialized team is responsible for the manufacture of microbial master and working cell banks.

  • FDA and MHRA inspected facilities
  • Environmentally monitored throughout production
  • In-house release and stability testing of cell banks
  • Short and long term storage in qualified freezers under continuous temperature monitoring

Expression Systems


  • E.Coli Strains
  • Corynex® (Corynebacterium glutamicum)
  • Pseudomonas Strains
  • Client-Specified Strains


  • P. pastoris
  • S. cerevisiae
  • S. pombe
  • H. polymorpha
  • Client-Specified Strains


  • • TALAMAX® (Talaromyces cellulolyticus)