Solid Phase Synthesis

Our experienced and knowledgeable scientists can custom synthesize your oligo molecule from microgram research quantities to 10 kg bulk amounts, under non-GMP and cGMP.


  • ASO
  • siRNA
  • Aptamers
  • miRNA (inhibitor & mimic)
  • CpG-ODN
  • Decoy RNA
  • Reliable long chain RNA (~140 mer) synthesis
Quantity µg – mg 10 mg – 10g 10 g – 200 g 20 g – 10 kg
Synthesizer 9 nS-8 2 OP-10 & 4 OP-100 OP-400 OligoProcess
Desalting Lab type UF UF UF
Lyophilization Lab type Vial and bulk Vial and bulk Vial and bulk

All products are endotoxin tested and consumables used to in the manufacturing process are pyrogen-free.

Various modifications are possible, such as various modified bases, labeling of fluorescent labels and conversion to S, and sequence functional end labels.

Product Applications

  • Research on basic drug discovery system
  • Assay of disease target genes found in vitro in disease model animals
  • Innate immune activation such as TLR pathway
  • Examination at the development stage of nucleic acid medicine
  • Material supply of diagnostics