Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services have built a strong and diversified portfolio of chemical and technical expertise. We utilize a variety of our technologies to meet a wide-array of product requirements. We build trusted and open partnerships in scaling customer products from lab to pilot and finally to production scale.

Controlled Substances Highly safe and secure development and manufacturing of highly potent opioid APIs for the European market.

Highly Potent Compounds Our multipurpose glovebox containment technology allows us to safely work with highly potent liquid and powders as well as cytotoxic compounds. This concept provides a double level of containment enabling work with highly potent compounds to the 0.1µg/m3 / 8 hr level.

Azidation Reactions We use azides to perform addition, condensation, rearrangement, and substitution reactions. We offer a strong focus on safety and offer softer azide reagents developed internally to avoid eliminations associated with NaN3.

Biocatalysis Selective and chiral reductions via hydogenolysis and reductive alkylations via hydrogen transfer reactions.

Cryogenic & High Pressure Reactions

  • Hydride reductions involving selective and stereoselective reactions with hydride donors under controlled reaction conditions in low temperature facilities (-100°C).
  • Organometallic alkylations and coupling reactions using various lithium and magnesiumalkyls in a wide temperature range (-100°C to +100°C).
  • Oxidation of selective and well monitored reactions involving peroxides, peracids, nitric and nitrous acids; controlled oxidations at low temperature (-100°C).

High Energy Chemistries Different types of energetic reactions (Diazonium reactions, nitrations and more) to construct key building blocks.

Complex Chemistries (Hemi-)synthesis of alkaloids and sugars employing multi stage reactions.