CEO J. David Enloe Awarded ‘Most Admired CEO’

David Enloe, Jr., CEO of Ajinomoto Althea (“Althea”) was awarded Most Admired CEO in 2017 by the San Diego Business Journal. This award recognized David for leading Althea through a phase of significant growth while fostering several innovation initiatives and maintaining com­pany stability. Under Enloe’s leadership, Althea achieved its highest revenue in its 18 year his­tory in 2016 and has grown its revenues by 25 percent year-over-year for the last 3 years. This award acknowledges David for guiding Althea to achieve a four-fold increase in the number of manufactured commercially approved drug products and for the expansion from 1 to 8 countries that have authorized commercial use of Althea’s products. In addition to this strong growth, David has launched several new initiatives to foster further growth for Althea over the upcoming years. He drove Althea’s entry into the rapidly growing Oncology field of antibody drug conjugate manufacturing which will enable the company to partner with more cli­ents globally.

Enloe was recognized for spearheading negotiations of a multimillion dollar license of Al­thea’s proprietary Crystalomics® formulation technology, monetizing many of the Crystalomics® patents, and launching a new company technology and service offering. Althea now has Crystalomics® contracts with six of the top ten BioPharma com­panies in the world.

The Most Admired CEO award further noted that David was recently appointed a corporate executive officer of Ajinomoto Co in addition to serving as president and CEO of Althea. He now acts as the only American at this officer level within the organization and will participate in establishing strategic objectives for the overall global con­glomerate. Going forward, Enloe will also take on the responsibility of leading Althea’s European-based sister company, OmniChem, a contract manufacturing organization focused on small molecule API manufacturing.

Under Enloe’s leadership, Althea received a number of prestigious honors including five cat­egories in this year’s Contract Manufacturing Organization Leadership Awards. He has represented Althea as a speaker at multiple industry conferences on the East Coast and West Coast, contributing to the growth and development of the company’s client base.

Finally, David was recognized for leading Althea’s Cultural Value Initiative which has increased employee satisfaction and engagement, and attracted top talent to Althea from across the world. This award of Most Admired CEO is a testament to Althea’s commitment to excellence in all areas of the company and is driven by Enloe’s leadership and vision.