The manufacturing sites in Wetteren and Balen, Belgium, have been actively producing fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 40 years. As pioneering leaders in pharmaceutical fine chemicals, the Belgian facilities are focused on process and analytical development in support of manufacturing of small molecule APIs and intermediates. Using innovative technologies, they offer the ability to rapidly scale from pilot to commercial product. The experienced and knowledgeable teams at these sites offer their customers a high level of quality and service to meet the demands and expectations of today’s pharmaceutical world.

Wetteren is located 60km NW of Brussels, and is focused on cGMP API scale-up from lab to pilot and full-scale production.

Balen is located 80km NE of Brussels, and is focused on cGMP bulk production of intermediates and APIs.

Legal Entity / Head Office

Cooppallaan 91, Ind. Zone 7
B-9230 Wetteren
Phone: + 32 (0)9 365 33 33

RPM/RMR Gent, afd. Dendermonde
VAT: BE-0403 078 352

Balen Site

Japanse-Kerselarenlaan, 1
B-2490 Balen